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Video – Chief Hopkins’ acceptance of the 2018 National PAL Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award

Chief Thomas Hopkins Named Inaugural National PAL Officer of the Year – Wilson Times Co.

Making Connections, Having Fun: PAL Camps Unite Police and Youth – Wilson Times Co.

Our Story

Wilson Police Athletic/Activities League, Inc., was founded by members of the Wilson Police Department. Wilson PD’s mission, in part, is to positively touch and help to improve the quality of life for all of their citizens. Community policing allows this to happen when positive relationships are formed between citizens and police, allowing issues to be resolved. Through Wilson PAL, we achieve this in several ways including coordinating programs and activities in and for the community-at-large and our continuous involvement with worthwhile causes.  Wilson PAL hosts a variety of over 32 youth-related sports camps, youth-based activities and youth-based enrichment programs in our community. All of the programs we offer provide not only physical skill development, but also allows officers, coaches, and volunteers to mentor and offer life skills essential to a youth’s survival during these current times. Wilson PAL programs have served approximately 800 local youth annually on average.  We believe that this positive contact has not only built long lasting relationships with officers and the youth, we believe we can show it has played a significant role in a reduction of our crime rate.

What is PAL?

PAL is a partnership between youth, police and the community that builds positive relationships through recreational, athletic, and educational programs designed to encourage good citizenship.

History of PAL

The National Police Athletic/Activities League began over seventy years ago and is on organization in many American police departments in which members of the police force coach young people, both boys and girls, in sports, and help with homework and other school-related activities.  The purpose is to build character, help strengthen police-community relations and keep children off illegal drugs.  Most PAL programs now call themselves “Police Activities Leagues” because many of the programs are now focused on youth enrichment, education and youth leadership programs, and not just sports.

According to local Police Athletic Leagues, the program generally solicits funds, equipment, and volunteer help from members of the community, so that the cost to taxpayers is small while the returns are great.  Participants in the League’s activities are much less likely to engage in crime, far more likely to praise the character of the police force, and discourage their friends from either committing crimes or covering up criminal activity.

PAL programs usually have a competitive component.  Although the vast majority of the League’s contests are with other youths in the same city, there are regularly scheduled national contests between teams in different parts of the country.  For many of the young people who participate, it is their first chance to travel to where the contests are held.

PAL provides participation in many sports.  These include soccer, basketball, football, and many other sports throughout the United States.  The National Association of Police Athletics/Activities Leagues, Inc. is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wilson Police Athletic/Activities League

Board of Directors

Thomas Hopkins (Retired WPD Chief)

Executive Director

   Captain Reggie Smith


Craig Smith (Retired WPD Major)

Vice President

Chief of Police Scott Biddle

Parliamentarian/Sergeant At Arms

Major Benny Boykin


Captain Chelsea Sanders

Vice Treasurer

Melissa Mincey (Retired WPD Admin. Asst.)


Kimberly Kennedy

Vice Secretary

Eric Smith (Retired WPD Captain)

Senior Finance Director

Officer Charmaine Harris

Program Director

Officer Taja Frails

Member at Large

 Officer Holly Emory

Member at Large

Richie Fulghum (Retired WCSO Captain)

Member at Large

Officer Destiny Kuewa

Member at Large

Officer Shanneska Cruz

Member at Large

Detective Evan Brewer

Member at Large

Danielle Barnes

Member at Large

Officer Daniel Johnson

Member at Large