How much do your Camps cost?

ALL of Wilson PAL programs are COMPLETELY FREE to all kids and families.

Do you provide transportation to your camps?

We encourage all of our campers to arrange their own transportation, HOWEVER we do provide transportation to and from our camps for those families who are unable to do so.

Are there age requirements for the camps and activities?

Yes, most of our camps are geared to ages 9-14, however there are a few camps and activities that allow for children younger than 9 and older than 14 years of age to participate.  Each individual camp announcement will provide that information.

How are your camps and programs funded?

Wilson Police Athletic/Activities League, Inc., is a designated 501 (3)(c) non-profit charitable organization and receives funds from Wilson County United Way and many local business and donors.  Wilson PAL also actively fundraise throughout the Wilson community.

Do I have to fill out an application for every camp my son or daughter wants to participate in?

No. You can go to our registration page HERE and fill out one Wilson PAL Youth Registration Pack that covers your child to participate in any and all camps and events offered that they are eligible for within this calendar year.

Do you have safety plans in the event of an accident or emergency?


Your child’s safety is paramount to the Wilson Police Athletic/Activities League.  Each of our camps are covered by insurance provided through the National Police Athletic League in the event an accident arises.  We follow strict regulations in regards to your child safety.  We have medical policies & procedures and there are always basic medical supplies available at every camp.  If during any of our camps your child is injured and any of our coaches suspect you child has a concussion or has been injured, your child will be immediately removed from the activity, and placed with a coach/adult mentor for one on one supervision until he or she is returned to his parent or treated medically.  If we believe it is necessary for immediate emergency assistance for your child we will contact EMS to have your child attended to and contact his parent, guardian, and/or listed emergency contact we have on file. We always have emergency contact information before any child is transported on any of our vehicles by our coaches to any of our camps.


Before, and during each of our scheduled outdoor camps and activities we monitor the weather and weather patterns to ensure we are prepared.  If we deem during any of our pre-planning that the weather is too dangerous we will cancel and or re-schedule the camp.  As the camp is in progress we continue to monitor the weather, temp and humidity for evaluation of breaks and hydration.  There are always contingency plans for each and every one of our camps in the event of dangerous weather.

Food Safety

We follow strict hand washing policies and proper food handling procedures during food services during our camps. We also monitor the registration forms as they are received to make sure the proper safety accommodations are made in regard to food allergies.