Wilson PD PAL currently operates over 27 camps and activities for the youth of Wilson throughout the year.  We average one camp a month and often times during the summer months, we are operating 1-2 camps and/or activities a month.  Each of our camps offer fundamental skills of each individual sport and also allow ample opportunity for our officers, coaches and mentors to offer life skills to each of our campers.  Our camps are “premier” camps and oftentimes incorporate coaches who have either been players or coaches from D1-D3 colleges, as well as from the NFL.  We have a variety of resources WPD PAL pull from to assist with our camps.  We partner with Barton College, ECU, The TOBs of Wilson, as well as area Middle and High Schools with a variety of sports.  We have NFL players and coaches who have assisted with our camps, as well as 4 years ago we had the Carolina Panthers Training Camp group help coordinate our football camp.  Wilson Police Department PAL is continuously looking for opportunities to grow their camps, reaching out to many different sporting venues.

Please visit our Camps page and look at each of the individual camps, and go to the Registration page to register your child for as many camps as they are interested in.  If you have any questions regarding our camps or how to register, you can email rsmith@wilsonnc.org,  djohnson@wilsonnc.org or mmincey@wilsonnc.org