As we started developing and implementing our programs, we realized initially that there were a number of sporting camps we wanted to put on.  We all know that sporting activities foster team building, positive communication skills, discipline, character, respect, leadership and a sense of family belonging.  Many of our youth desperately need this and sporting activities are a fun and easy way to build and foster these attributes.  However we all know that there are issues that are not always addressed in sporting activities, so our youth enrichment programs were developed, and put into place with several future programs in the making.  With the inception of these programs, we feel we can reach those youth who are not currently interested in sporting activities and/or are in need of a different mentoring environment.

Our four running programs are geared to doing just that.  Our Girls in Progress and Boyz to Men were our first programs designed to do just that.  They both run simultaneously and run over a 3-4 month plan in a graduation style.  The girls and boys meet together and then break out in groups where they each discuss gender specific issues that are crucial in everyday life.

Then there is our most innovative upcoming program, Save our Sons.  This program is an exciting program that is more specifically intensive and is geared towards more sensitive and particular needs of our young men.

Also new to our 2017 clalendar is our S.T.R.O.N.G. MOMS program.  This program is also one of our newest programs that will be geared to assisting young women who are High School Seniors who are pregnant or who are already moms.  This program will be emphasizing the importance of continuing their education and pointing out that there are still educational opportunities for ladies with children.

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