Our annual Wilson PD P.A.L. Football Camp (June 11-15, 2018)  continues to be our largest and most chaperoned P.A.L. event  ! We consider our football camp a “Premier” football camp specializing in the fundamental instruction of the great sport of football. We pride ourselves in the makeup of our coaching staff with many both  former high school and college players providing these fundamental training techniques . Many of our campers have went on to play pee wee league, middle school, high school, college and even NFL football! 

We concentrate our efforts in the fundamentals of American Football in the following areas /positions :

  • Quarterbacks
  • Running Backs
  • Receivers
  • Offensive / Defensive Line
  • Line Backers Defensive Backs

Each of our stations provides a minimum of two (2) coaches and often times many more. Also, besides ex-players, several area school coaches also instruct our campers. This helps with the transitions from one level of football to the next. Finally, we are very proud of and pleased to offer our own junior football combine course at our camp! This gives each camper an opportunity to showcase their own individual skills and athletic abilities. We ensure that our most experienced coach who played high school, Collegiate Division I and in the NFL, heads our combine area.

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Contact person for Football Camp:

Major C. Smith, csmith@wilsonnc.org or Sgt. Reggie Smith, rsmith@wilsonnc.org or 252-399-2316